Advisory Board Crystals "Radiant Living" exclusive collaboration with Colette, was inspired by a found pamphlet regarding something known as the International Sutcliffe Schools of Radiant Living that were started in the 1930's extending into the 1970's and ultimately becoming the precursor to what we know as our standard "new age" way of living.

These have been individually hand dyed and washed with hand sewn details in our Silver Lake studio. There are crystals all over the studio while these processes are happening, which infuses magical properties into each garment

No two garments are exactly the same.


The Advisory Board Crystals Radiant Living zine illustrates all of our inspiration and thoughts for this capsule. It features pages taken directly from the found pamphlet as well as original writings, collages, photos, and information.

Xeroxed and sewn together in the studio, each zine is certified with an authenticity sticker and are hand numbered in an edition of 50.

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