Labradorite is a stone of magic. A protector of the aura, Labradorite is the most powerful protector of the mineral kingdom.

Labradorite calms an overactive mind and energizes the imagination, bringing in new ideas. Meditating with Labradorite allows one to "be" and rest assured the light is always there, surrounding and pure.

Referred to as the "temple of the stars," Labradorite is thought to bring the light of other planetary beings to the soul of the user. Its labradorescence is believed to be of extra-terrestrial origins, and enclosed in the mineral to bring the evolved energies from other worlds to the Earth plane. 

Carried around with you as a talisman, Labradorite protects against negativity and allows ones innate magic powers to surface.

magic / protector / powerful

.7 oz

1.3 x 1.5 x .2

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