"What Took You So Long" full collection

"What Took You So Long" full collection


Advisory Board Crystals inaugural collection, “What Took You So Long?” is inspired by the romance of Divine Timing. Waiting for that perfect person, job, or moment; this is what encapsulates the feeling of now. It’s the breakthrough period. It’s knowing that the wait is over and that everything you've done up until this point has gotten you right where you're supposed to be.

The collection of crystals for this season: Moonstone, Labradorite, Pyrite, Rose Quartz, and Chrysocolla, all develop and enhance your chance at catching this moment in all aspects of the spectrum. If you've already had that moment, this collection nurtures, sustains, and furthers it. 

Moonstones ability to create new beginnings, stimulate psychic perception, enhance awareness, and appreciation for Divine Timing, can help you to manifest your moment. While Labradorite is the “Stone of Magic,” the most powerful protector of the aura, and is all about ‘coincidence control’ - giving you the power to guide yourself and that moment toward each other.

With Mars in Scorpio from Februrary 20th- September 17th, there is an element of lust in the air. Pyrite promotes the health and vitality of the physicality of a relationship, bringing the energy needed to keep the lust electric. An amazing crystal for manifestation, Pyrite has the rare ability to conjure images in our minds of mystical places and adventure.

To round out the "lust in the air" aspect, Rose quartz, a talisman of relationships, is very effective at attracting new love, romance, and intimacy. As a “Stone of Communication,” Chrysocolla completes the spectrum by aiding in truthful and heartfelt loving communication, which is useful once you have found what you are looking for and are finally prepared to ask “What Took You So Long?”

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