“Love Vigilantes” t-shirt for Saint Valentine's Day.

Individually dyed by hand in our studio, this garment benefits from crystal infused dye combinations to maximize transference of the love vibrations and other metaphysical properties from the crystals into the cotton fibers.

The graphic embodies the vintage symbolism of Saint Valentines Day; the painting over of the "old" heart of the past represents the love of the present and future. 

Crystals used in this multi dye process are:

Rose Quartz (SPECIMEN #66) programmed for optimal utilization directed towards attracting love, enhancing love, love spells, and charms.

Rhodochrosite programmed for optimal utilization directed towards self love, grace, and balance.

Opal Aura Faden Quartz (SPECIMEN #70) programmed for optimal utilization directed towards focused amplification of communication.



Happy Saint Valentines.



Advisory Board Crystals.


-100% custom hand dyed shirt

-Printed and dyed in Los Angeles

-Sewn pull-tab on back collar

-100% cotton


ships in 2-3 weeks.

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